School Events

Our corsages and boutonnières are custom made to match your personality and the event. You have the opportunity to pick the ingredients and we will put it together for you making your flowers totally unique to you.

Given enough advanced notice we will order special and/or exotic flowers making your
personal flowers even more personal. Some special orders take as much as 2 weeks to get in the flowers needed.

We have a wide range of bracelets to accent that perfect corsage. We can also make necklaces and hair pieces to match if you wish.

Our flowers are all about you. We want what you want.

Prices begin at $13.50 for Corsages and $4.50 for boutonnières. You may wish to make an advance appointment with one of our designers if you truly want that special look. Of course, an appointment is not necessary to place your order. You may talk to any of our qualified staff.

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